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Futures Industry Sees Chance to Shape Oversight | NYT Dealbook

      BY BEN PROTESS AND AZAM AHMED   Earlier this month, in a ninth-floor conference room of the Northern Trust bank in Chicago, an unlikely assembly of futures industry executives, regulators and customers discussed the fallout from MF Global’s collapse. The closed-door meeting illustrated a fundamental shift under way in the futures industry: financial firms, ordinarily loath to accept regulation,

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    New Laws Possible In Wake of MF Global’s Demise | NYT Dealbook

      This article originally appeared in NYT’s Dealbook. BY BEN PROTESS Lawmakers are considering new policies aimed at preventing a repeat of the MF Global debacle, in which the futures brokerage firm misused an estimated $1.2 billion in customer money as it collapsed. The Senate Agriculture Committee’s decision to explore potential regulatory changes follows pleas from farmers,

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      Corzine bombarded with lawsuits over MF Global |

        This article originally appeared on By James O’Toole @CNNMoney Jon Corzine testifies before Congress last month. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — What do farmers in Montana, traders in Chicago and a pension fund in Canada have in common? They’re all among the litigants who have filed suit against Jon Corzine in the wake of the MF

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        MF Global Customers Wrapped in Red Tape | WSJ

          This article originally appeared in the January 12, 2012 edition of the Wall Street Journal. Stanley Haar says he knew how much money MF Global Holdings Ltd. owed him after about five minutes reviewing old account statements. But completing a claim form, he said, took more than two days. “That’s nuts,” said Mr. Haar, a

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          MF Global Fight Unites Onetime Rivals |

            This article originally appeard on Emily Lambert, Forbes Staff Chicago and New York futures traders have had a prickly relationship over the years. Despite mergers that put the cities’ futures exchanges under the same corporate roof, it’s not hard to get a trader or broker in one city to privately criticize the ethics and

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